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Of Evans Hunt. Not humanity. Yet.




We're good at design. We're really good at strategy.

We've been doing digital a long time. As long as anyone we know.

We let each team member decide when, where and how to work.

Which the team repays with solid, loyal, creative work. And dumb "working from home" emails.

Our interfaces work as we design them to, and seldom fail.


The office elevator is very slow.

We all called in sick on the same day, and went skiing.

One of our creative directors drives a pickup truck.

That was dishonest, we're proud of that. Sorry.

We go on and on about our dev team, who may or may not be tinkering with this text.

This is a superfluous point because our shame list was shorter than our pride list.

We're about to brag, which is shameful. Members of our team were instrumental in helping big brands pioneer and perfect online branding and eCommerce. Brands like Rolex, Shaw and Clorox. And others. Forgive the outburst.

Meet Our Team

We told a hilarious knock-knock joke to get them to smile. Bill, Jim and Allard didn't get it. Can you see the confusion and anger in their eyes?

Dan Evans

Managing Partner

Dan has over 20 years of experience in the world of traditional and interactive advertising, heading the client service, strategy and creative functions across a wide range of client engagements. Since leaving Critical Mass, where he was president for many years, Dan has served Evans Hunt as co-founder, leader, evangelist, business strategist and creative thinker.

Numerous decades ago, Dan obtained his Civil Engineering Degree from Queen’s University. His parents are still waiting to see some return on that investment.

Bill Hunt

Managing Partner

Bill has over 15 years experience in interactive advertising and technology. He has a broad range of experience from multiple startups, public sector consulting, and most recently serving as Senior Vice President at Critical Mass. During his eight year tenure there he oversaw Client Services, as well as Global Production Strategy for multiple offices across three continents.

Bill has consulted for and worked directly with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Valvoline, CIBC, UFA, and Industry Canada. He is known for his straightforward and direct style that clients appreciate, especially when the pressure is on.

Jim Button


Jim is adept at making friends — so much so that we ask him to do it on behalf of clients. He connects people and businesses with marketing ideas that encourage consumer participation and turn passive audiences into communities.

For over 20 years Jim has been a leader in experiential marketing, serving in executive roles for groups including Big Rock Brewery, the Event Group (which he co-founded), Venture Communications, MacLaren:Lintas, Cossette Communications and JWR.

Aw, does any of that even matter? The guy started Village Brewery and brings us free beer.

Michael Tran

Creative Director

What’s it like being Michael Tran? German philosophers and graffiti artists debate this very question over back-alley cigarettes. (We hired them.) What they don’t realize is, Michael occupies some kind of Zen midpoint between their two mindsets. Oh, he’s thoughtful, like the graffiti artist, but also an iconoclast, which is a word the philosopher made up to justify his bloated paycheck. (Hey Friedrich: you’re fired.)

An entrepreneur in his own right, Michael helped build the agency Zero Gravity as managing director and creative director, where he continued to consolidate and expand his sweater collection.

Rob Sawchuk

Creative Director

Interactive design has been Rob’s sole focus for a decade and a half, during which time he’s racked up a portfolio of international brands like Nike, and Mercedes-Benz as well as local favourites including Shaw Communications, Tourism Calgary and Big Rock Beer.

Oh, and hey, does your creative director own a crab fishing boat in Alaska? If so, Rob would like to meet her — and possibly go tradesies for his urban clothing company, which is almost as cool as crab fishing and only half as deadly.

Allard Losier

Director, Operations

Allard is an experienced technical architect who has been leading teams and analyzing, designing and delivering Internet based solutions for over 15 years.

Allard has been involved in designing and deploying eCommerce solutions and evaluating project and team structures for our clients. In his past life he was the Vice President of Technology at Critical Mass where he was responsible for 80+ technology staff across North America. “Responsible” you say? Allard? It’s a figure of speech.

Mark Heard

Director, User Experience & Content Strategy

Mark has worked for more than a decade in the fields of user experience architecture and content strategy. These days he maps out digital experiences that help different users do different things, in the fewest number of clicks. At Evans Hunt, Mark has led the user experience design of new websites for Big Rock, Calgary Economic Development, Tourism Calgary and Shaw.

Previously Mark worked overseas for the UN and the Vietnamese Tourism Board and wrote travel books when that was still a thing. Thanks for nothing, TripAdvisor.

Jason Hale

Director, Technology

Jason Hale is a Solutions Lead at Evans Hunt. Jason guides our developers through an alphabet soup of programming languages to make responsive websites do all sorts of incredible things. Even more importantly, Jason develops digital solutions to real world, business problems.

Jason has wealth of experience in web development. He has led projects and teams for a wide range of companies all over the world, from local Calgary businesses up to global brands like adidas, AT&T, Best Buy and Peanuts.

January Kohli

Client Partner

January has worked in marketing for over fifteen years, with a focus on interactive since 2005. Having started her career client-side in hotel marketing, she found her way into the agency world way back before Web 2.0 was a thing.

As a senior project manager and client partner, January translates the client’s business needs for the creative and technical teams, and excels in turning strategic plans into executable tactical programs.


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