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from scratch.

Baby gourmet - brand build




Baby Gourmet


Destined for gourmet greatness.

As the first baby food brand to focus on creating recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious, Baby Gourmet led the way to putting an organic option on shelves, highchairs and probably a few floors, too. But as an infant brand, they needed help getting their message in front of busy new moms. That’s where we came in.

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Main Insight


Moms know best.

We targeted tech-savvy moms who act like modern day sleuths. These moms investigate each and every product before giving it to their children, and rightfully so.

Moms know best.


A mom-friendly approach.

The Baby Gourmet website was designed to share products, recipes and information that naturally integrate brand messages and stories. Knowing that moms are active social participants and always on the go, we ensured the site was responsive, with a specific focus on mobile.

To stay aligned with Baby Gourmet’s brand values and stand out from the stock photography of the competition, we created an original style of photography that reflected the fun and focus of the brand. Combined with ongoing conversations through user-submitted posts (plus stories, videos and tips from behind the scenes at Baby Gourmet), we’ve helped create a strong brand voice across Baby Gourmet’s social channels, increasing both their fan base and their engagement.

A mom-friendly approach.