Senior Digital Content Writer & Strategist

Digital spaces sometimes need a little organizing. We’re looking for a talented long-form content writer who also knows how to scrutinize and organize myriad forms of digital content. Versatility is key: you’ll be organizing and writing digital content for anything from major technology and large governmental organizations to boutique businesses. The Content Writer & Strategist needs to jump in early on an engagement to analyze a client’s online presence, make strategic recommendations about how to take their content to the next level, and then, to boot, has to deliver on the writing and editing of the new stuff. Delivering the appropriate and unique brand voice for all of these clients is a must.

Ideally, you’ve spent some time as a journalist, know how to tell a good story, and have a keen eye for editing. We want you to approach your digital content writing like a reporter: ask the right questions, think about your audience, and tell the stories that bring our clients’ brands to life.


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