Senior Copywriter

How about a game? We’ll write a paragraph or two summarizing a desirable career opportunity for a senior copywriter who’s tops at everything: concepts, headlines, scripts and long-form copy. We’ll take care to emphasize our flexible work culture (divide your time between home and the office as you see fit) and declare, non-fictionally, that we’re not mean.

You’ll reply with a letter and supporting paperwork that persuades us of your verbal cunning and your saintly character.

Before you do, though, you should check to make sure the list below smells like you. Have you worked for long enough to generate a solid portfolio? Do you play well with others? Can you craft a thoughtful, memorable cover letter that shows you know what all the buttons on the keyboard are for—and how to use them in a way that makes us forget all about computers, lunch plans, and our earthbound corporeal forms?


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