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Brookfield Residential Properties


A model for homes and community developments.

Brookfield Residential Properties is all about bringing people together. Brookfield needed to consolidate their web presence to showcase their homes and community developments. We applied their model of community building to the site by making it friendlier and region-specific with a responsive design. And just like that, another community is born.

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Knock, knock.

With a wide range of homes available to consumers with varying price offerings, our target audience is a broad one. That being said, they all share a single commonality with one another: they have an overwhelming desire to belong to a community. In other words, they’re all just looking for a place to be.

Knock, knock.


Unlocking the Brookfield experience.

For Brookfield, the site needed to be as responsive as a good neighbour, showcasing all of their Alberta homes and communities in a single experience. At the same time, we had to differentiate all of Brookfield’s distinct offerings in the minds of potential buyers. To accomplish this, the site directs visitors to their region of choice while showing the full spectrum of products available in each region. Visitors see a wide range of homes, Brookfield and non-Brookfield communities, and commercial properties. Finally, because Brookfield is all about growth, we included the ability to add new regions and communities by making the site infinitely scalable.

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Unlocking the Brookfield experience.