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A more personalized ecommerce experience.

In an age of online streaming and digital gadgetry, Shaw needed to keep pace by transforming their website into a more personalized ecommerce experience — all while conforming to newly implemented CRTC legislation. Faced with these challenges, we decided to design and develop an intuitive website that made content the hero.

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Free to be me.

As ecommerce has grown, audiences have become increasingly accustomed to a personalized online shopping experience. Personalization has gone from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have, so we set out to create an experience that gave Shaw’s customers more freedom than they’ve ever had before. We combined intuitive design with captivating content to enable people to engage with the site in a way that works best for them.

Free to be me.


Be part of something great.

The ongoing redesign of Shaw.ca is part of a larger strategy that encompasses everything from product launches to a refined mobile shopping experience. Over the last five years, we’ve worked closely with the Shaw team to successfully launch their speedy new Shaw Internet 150 package, their FreeRange TV app, and their Let’s Talk TV initiative to respond to changes in CRTC regulations. Whether it’s launching something new or rethinking an existing service, we want to ensure that everyone has the ability to easily purchase and personalize their services online as Shaw continues to evolve from a call-based model to clicks, taps and touches.

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Be part of something great.