Unearthing a more engaging online experience.

Trican Well Services Website Redesign




Trican Well Services


Revealing a deeper skill set.

On the surface, Trican is like every other global well service company. So when we were challenged with redesigning their website, we set out to create a deeper online experience that not only showcased what Trican does but demonstrated how they do it differently than anyone else.

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Keep the ideas flowing.

We started our redesign by auditing 800 pages of content to decide which pages had value to Trican’s audience and which pages felt like a rambling phone call with grandma. After a lot of coffee, reading and debate, we cut the site down to a lean mean 300 pages and got to work on the rest of redesign.

Keep the ideas flowing.


Created to connect.

To capture Trican’s focus on innovation, we used a three-dimensional rendering of an oilfield as a way to navigate through all of Trican’s services. This unique navigation element was complemented by a series of innovative features including a briefcase-function that allowed users to easily save areas of interest and a robust content management system. Sometimes drilling deeper into a brand is the best way to take it new heights.

Created to connect.