A brand with pulp.

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Jusu Body


Cream of the crop.

Jusu Body presented a unique challenge for Evans Hunt - differentiating a new line of plant-based, organic, and pulp infused personal care products in an incredibly saturated body care market. Not only were we asked to develop packaging, we also needed to consider the overall architecture and direction of the new brand. It had to be modern, sophisticated, and bold - all while appealing to a wide range of consumers, from millennials to a more seasoned demographic. Jusu Body would represent a new direction for Jusu Inc., while still paying homage to the core values upon which the company was built.

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Main Insight


Planting the seeds.

Beginning with a competitor analysis, we familiarized ourselves with products in the category, and sought to understand how the market responded to similar offerings. We conducted market research based around the natural, organic, healthy and millennial sectors. Taking advantage of having a tangible product, we also handed out samples of Jusu Body and conducted impression and feedback surveys from our core demographic.

Planting the seeds.


Organic growth.

Shortly after its launch, the Jusu Body website earned an Applied Arts Design Award for its beauty and simplicity. The line’s rapid growth from 4 original products to now over a dozen proves that sometimes, all it takes is a good product and thoughtful, uncomplicated design.

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Organic growth.