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Veterinary Centers of America


Caring, not clinical.

After acquiring more than 100 Associate Veterinary Clinics across the country, Veterinary Centers of America (VCA) needed to find a way to align the identities of these clinics under the VCA brand. This wasn’t just about rolling out a corporate brand, it was an important exercise in acknowledging that there was much more going on between pets and their owners – and that those relationships affected the perception of VCA by its customers, employees and stakeholders.

From overcoming negative perceptions of a corporate acquisition to finding ways to express the benefits VCA would bring to pet healthcare, we needed insight to inform our strategy.

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We celebrate people and pets


We’re animal people too.

A pet owner’s love is something to behold - they care for their animals the same way they would a child. Understanding this and applying it to VCA was of fundamental importance to positioning our client with all audiences.

Working closely with VCA’s marketing team, we conducted extensive industry research and gained a ton of useful insights. High on the list was an acknowledgement that VCA played a key role in enhancing the pet-owner relationship because “we’re animal people, too.” By unearthing and telling stories about pets, owners and VCA at every touchpoint, we demonstrated our value and diminished suspicion about a faceless corporation.

We spoke from VCA’s heart.

We’re animal people too.


Celebrate people and pets.

When it came time to reveal the new VCA Canada brand internally, we knew we had something special to share. Brand representatives and stakeholders from across the country were flown to Alberta for an internal event, which emphasized the importance and involvement of those close to the brand. The VCA Canada brand strategy received overwhelmingly positive feedback by everyone who attended.

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Celebrate people and pets.